A fresh opportunity for Canberra

Top Priorities of the next Canberra Liberals Government

Our vision is to create a fresh opportunity for Canberra.

A Canberra that lives up to its potential and of which we can all be proud.

That is the Canberra I love and believe in.

Elizabeth Lee MLA

Elizabeth Lee MLA
Canberra Liberals Leader

Provide relief for everyday expenses.

The price of everything keeps going up and there is no relief in sight.

Build more homes and make them more affordable.

It is hard for young Canberrans to rent or buy a home.

Make rates more affordable.

Rates and taxes are spiralling out of control, beyond what Canberrans can afford.

Grow Canberra’s economy.

There aren’t enough opportunities for every Canberran.

Manage rate payer money better.

Government services should be delivering for every Canberran.

Improve access to health care.

Every Canberran should be able to access care when and where they need it.

Deliver more events for Canberra.

Australia’s capital city deserves to be the destination for world class events.

Care for our environment.

Canberra is blessed with a beautiful natural environment that needs to be conserved for future generations.

Improve our education system.

Our teachers work hard to help our children learn and develop, but lack the support they need.

Improve our transport system.

Public transport should be focused on you, delivering the services you need, where and when you need them.

Resource our frontline workers.

Canberra cannot function without the workers that keep us safe, care for us when we’re ill, and keep our city running.

Reform the justice system.

Trust and integrity need to be at the centre of government and our justice system again.
A fresh opportunity

The Canberra Liberals will put you at the centre of our Government.

Our commitment is to serve you.

We ask for your vote on 19 October so we can deliver on our commitment to you.

Responsible and transparent government

Putting you first

An honest and fair Canberra

A progressive Canberra

A different Canberra

A fairer, more transparent rates system

You will always pay lower rates under a Canberra Liberals Government.

People Focused Public Transport

Our strong and ambitious plan for improving public transport.

Targeted relief to help pay the bills

Providing relief to Canberrans when they are facing growing everyday prices and bills.

The election on 19 October 2024 presents a fresh opportunity for Canberra and a new approach for your government.

Our priority will be to build a Canberra befitting its status as Australia’s capital city.

A Canberra Liberals Government will ensure Canberra leads the nation in what matters to you.

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